šŸŽƒFootball For A Fiver Halloween CampsšŸŽƒ

The first camp will be held on Monday 28th October in Leafair from 10am-4pm.

The second camp will be held in Ballymac on the Tuesday 29th October and Wednesday 30th October from 1pm-4pm.

With the final camp being held in Strabane at Melvin Sports Complex on Thursday 31st October from 10am-4pm.

All tickets are now up for sale at https://www.klubfunder.com/ā€¦/The_Ryan_Mcā€¦/EventRegistrationā€¦

*At the moment all camps are for ages 7-14*

All Camps are Ā£5- The Foundation bringing affordable football to local areas to get our young people active. Couldn’t be done at this price if it wasn’t for the sponsors and fundraisers #5legacy #supportassistinspire

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